Water Efficiency

Water Efficiency for Builders and Designers

EEBA Water Efficiency LogoWater has become a major issue in building new homes – from managing stormwater for the development and on individual home sites, to landscaping and irrigation choices, to plumbing fixtures and appliances, to the potential of using greywater and rainwater – water is an increasingly important part of the new construction process.  In addition, as we build more thermally efficient dwellings and install more energy efficient appliances, hot water use has grown to become the 1st or 2nd largest energy use in the home.  People’s expectations of the performance of their water systems has increased, not to mention that many areas of the country are experiencing stresses on their water supply and quality.

This full day seminar will provide participants a framework for understanding the relationship of water to the sites they develop and the buildings they build.  Outdoor water use; indoor water use, both hot and cold; and advanced systems such as rainwater and greywater will be discussed, and how best to integrate these components into effective systems in upcoming projects will be explained. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Comprehend the objectives of existing and upcoming water use efficiency standards and rating systems.
  • Learn the key elements of water, energy and time-efficient hot water systems and how to obtain HERS points from installing these measures in new homes.
  • Gain proficiency in selecting water efficient plumbing fixtures and appliances to minimize resource waste and maximize system efficiency.
  • Understand the principles of water efficient landscaping and hardscaping.
  • Develop an understanding of alternate sources of water, including grey water and rainwater and how these can be integrated into dwellings.